Fund-raising for BCSATA

All of our fund-raising efforts provide money for our group to help fund scholarships for graduating seniors of Berks County high schools looking to pursue a career in athletic training. With each fund-raiser, we hope to involve not just the athletic trainers from our Berks County schools, but our student-athletes, coaches, administration, staff and community as well.
We hope to give back to the students that have helped to reinforce all the positive aspects of why we chose this career path to begin with! Please consider helping by donating or taking part in one of our exciting events!

There are currently no fund-raisers to view.
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Berks County Scholastic Athletic Trainers' Association Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established at Berks County Community Foundation in 2005 by the BCSATA in order to recognize outstanding student athletic trainers from Berks County high schools.

Scholarships are given to support graduating seniors from high schools in Berks County who contract with/employ Certified Athletic Trainers. The recipients must have participated in student athletic training in at least one sport for a period of two years during high school and intend to pursue a four-year degree in Sports Medicine at an accredited college or university, with first preference to someone who wants to become a Certified Athletic Trainer

To be considered for this scholarship, applications must be submitted between January 15th and March 15th. All applicants will be notified in May.

Please visit here to apply for this scholarship.